matigari - Farshid Moradi. 211031150.Tutorial (Monday 4:30)...

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Farshid Moradi. 211031150.Tutorial (Monday 4:30) Quote “My only thirst and hunger are to do with my troubled spirit. I have travelled far and wide looking for truth and justice” Just after independence, Africa's faithful literati realised the path along which the new governments were taken the country. They foresaw that such a path portends nothing but doom and so decided to speak against it. One of the writers against the system in Kenta was Thiong’o and he created fictional hero Matigari ma Njiruungi which means ‘the patriots who survived the bullets’ Matigari, having fought the colonialist into the bush and having kept the flame of independence going came from the forest to possess the land for which he had fought only to realise that the new Lords of the land, those who fought not but took the opportunity to jump onto the seats once it was vacated, had, in collusion with the colonialists, taken over his land and house and all his property, leaving him with nothing. The period where the sower does not reap what he had sown was
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matigari - Farshid Moradi. 211031150.Tutorial (Monday 4:30)...

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