Social Imagination second week

Social Imagination second week - through understanding the...

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Farshid Moradi. Student#: 211031150. Tutorial (Monday, 4:30) Quote: We are rich, not as individuals, but as members of a rich society, and our easy assumption of  material sufficiency is actually only a reliable as bond that forge us into a social whole” – RoberHeilbroner In other words, Mills claimed that the discipline of sociology is the study of the connection between individuals and society, between personal troubles and public issues. Understanding both the life of an individual, and the history and structure of a society, requires the sociological imagination . Sociologists, according to Mills, were in the unique position among social scientists of cultivating a sociological imagination that could grasp that individuals' actions, behaviours, histories, and seemingly "personal" troubles could only be understood as effects of social organization: as public issues. Mills' hope was that
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Unformatted text preview: through understanding the actual dynamics that shape our lives - individually and collectively - we would also develop the tools and strategies to effect positive social change. Conventional wisdom might have it that biography and sociology are antithetical or at least mutually irrelevant. A biography is the life. A sociological analysis deals with continuity and change, cooperation and conflict, on a collective scale, in and between social groups and entire societies. In fact, however, these two ways of knowing are tightly intertwined. C. Wright Mills had the important insight that what he termed "the sociological imagination" involved understanding the intimate connections between biography and historical sociology...
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Social Imagination second week - through understanding the...

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