The dispossessed - buy since there is no money or property....

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Farshid Moradi. 211031150. Tutorial (Monday, 4:30) Quote: “ He could not force himself to understand how banks functioned and so forth, because all the operations of capitalism were as meaningless to him as the rites of primitive religion, as barbaric, as elaborate and as unnecessary” Chapter five takes place in Urras. On Urras, the nation state of A-lo is located, and it is portrayed as developed industrial society. A-lo is evidently capitalist and symbolic representation of United States. Pravic is a fictional language spoken on the planet Anarres, where followers of the philosopher Odo chose to be exiled in order to achieve the goal of functioning anarchic society. A few people that have contact with Urras also speak lotic which is the language of Urras. In this chapter Chifoilisk and Shevek can speak both languages because they are the agent of their government. Lotic is the language spoken on Urras. Lotic is natural language and exhibits many irregularities and complications. Pravic apparently has no word for verbs like
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Unformatted text preview: buy since there is no money or property. Anarchists argue that most of humanity problems grow from living under governments. "To make a thief, make an owner," and "to create crime, create laws." On Anarres there are no laws, no property, no governors no money. As I mentioned before even in their language there are no possessive pronouns. Shevek – physicist and a citizen of the world Anarres, believes that he must free his people from the walls that they have built around their anarchist state, blocking out all other worlds. Shevek goes to Urras on a mission, and he must urge the idea of brotherhood and he must represent the solidarity of the worlds. Shevek want solidarity, he says “I want the walls down, I want human solidarity, I want free exchange between Urras and Anaress”. Odonianism - This type of anarchy is about cooperation, solidarity, and mutual aid. The principal target is the totalitarian state, whether it's sot or capitalist....
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