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Biology Chapter 2 - Handout for CHAPTER 2 Atoms Molecules...

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Handout for CHAPTER 2 – Atoms, Molecules and Life Start out by discussing the lowest level on the level of organization table (1-1) - chemistry Starting with the smallest / simple level This is typically dealt with chemistry ELEMENTS- unique substance that cannot be broken or changed by natural processes Details about atoms and their parts Atoms: the smallest particle of an element that has the characteristics of the element. Ex. One atom of carbon- smallest you can get Atoms contain parts (sub atomic particles) ~Neutrons- no charge, Protons(+) charge, Electrons (-) charge N &P inside a central nucleus E orbit around nucleus inside “shells” Subatomic particles 1 - PROTONS Number of protons is unique to each element (does not change) - Atomic number Examples of atoms (Figs. 2-1 and 2-2) 1
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Subatomic particles 2 – NEUTRONS An element can have atoms with different numbers of neutrons (diff. forms) No effect on electrical charge Diff. forms = Isotopes
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