bio ch12 - Handout for CHAPTER 12 - Gene Expression and...

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Handout for CHAPTER 12 - Gene Expression and Regulation The connection between genes and DNA Dna contains a huge amount of info. But what do we do with it? Useful info on DNA is found in genes Gene=a section of DNA that contains a set of instructions (new definitions) A single strand of DNA can contain 100s or 1000s of genes (in a row) Instructions to make what Research in late 1950s demonstrated that genes carry the code for making proteins Proteins do most of the work in cells, so this makes sense Original rule was: -1 gene= 1 protein One gene contained instructions to produce one protein -enzyme, pump, channel, transport, etc New information has led to a new rule about what DNA codes for We now know that some genes code for the production of RNA (not proteins) Modify the rule: -1- one gene-= oone protein (mostly) -2- one gene=RNA(sometimes) What is RNA and what kinds of RNA do genes code for? Ribonucleic acid Ribose is the sugar (not deoxyribose) Single stranded chain of nucleotides (not double) Also has 4 diff. bases on nucleotides G,C,A, and U (uracil replaces thymine) 1
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General role of RNA (as middle man) in creating proteins from DNA 3 Types of RNA - Messenger RNA (Mrna) - Ribosomal RNA (rRNA) - Transfer RNA (Trna) - All are essential to process of making proteins from DNA - DNA (genes) are inside nucleus of cell - Ribosomes (where proteins are made) - Are out in cytoplasm - How do we get info on DNA out to ribosomes? -
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bio ch12 - Handout for CHAPTER 12 - Gene Expression and...

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