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COMPUTER PROGRAM 333 Input and output When the intensity has been measured at closely-spaced points along the line profile, the program is supplied with a string of integer intensities, which may be punched on cards or on paper tape. Estimates of the background level at the end points of the measured section of profile must also be supplied, as well as an estimated centroid position. Output prints give the centroid position, integrated intensity and variances (both definitions) as functions of integration range, the background level, slope and curvature, the size of the polynomial coefficients and the root-mean-square deviation of the experimental variance points from the fitted curve. All output is in four columns, corresponding to the four cycles of calculation and background adjustment. Language and machine requirements The program is written in Egdon Fortran for an English Electric KDF 9 computer: conversion to any other type of Fortran should be straightforward. The program utilizes about 23K storage locations and execution time on the KDF 9 is generally about three or four minutes. The main program with two subroutines makes up a deck of about 690 cards. The program has been thoroughly tested
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