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2 Guidelines The purpose of the seminar is to learn how to assemble recent literature information on a specific topic and to present this material in a coherent and professional manner. In preparing for the seminar, students should learn to a) read recent journal articles, recognize important new findings, and grasp important concepts within specific articles, b) arrange this information in a logical and coherent pattern, c) write a clear, concise document on the material to be covered (a 7–10 page review for the first seminar and a one-page abstract, similar to what would be submitted to a national meeting, for the second seminar), and d) communicate this material to the faculty and students in an informative and easily understood fashion. In presenting the seminar, the student should become the expert by covering all the recent literature and should provide the audience with factual information. The seminar should be informative and entertaining in order to keep the audience's attention. Requirements In addition to preparing and presenting the seminar, written documents must be submitted. Also, there are required criteria with regard to topic and sources that must be met . These requirements are summarized below. 1. The topic must be approved by the student's research advisor and all chemistry members of the student's research advisory committee. A one-page document describing the proposed content of the future seminar and signed by all these faculty members must be submitted to the chair of the seminar grading committee no later than a month before the scheduled seminar date. 2. The sources cited for the seminar must include at least ten non-review journal papers with a minimum of four published within the three years immediately preceding the seminar date. These four sources must include the work of at least two different research groups. If there is a recent review paper or a book on the chosen topic, the student must: (a) include a reference for this review or book and (b) focus his/her seminar on at least four most recent papers, which are not covered in the review or book. 3. Written documents: For the first seminar, a 7–10 page review of the seminar, complete with references, an abstract and a list of abbreviations, must be submitted to faculty at least one week prior to giving the seminar (due at the office by noon of that day). The electronic copy (in PDF format) must also be distributed to the faculty and graduate students at the same time. For the second seminar, students must submit an abstract of no more than 250 words, along with a bibliography of the literature used to prepare the seminar. Each of these documents should be double spaced using 12 point Times Roman font (or another font of similar size). Reference format should strictly follow the ACS guidelines (Purchase the ACS Style guide, ISBN: 978-0- 8412-3999-9. It is also available for checkout at the library and in the main office) and include full
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Seminar_Guide_January_2011 - STUDENT SEMINAR GUIDE...

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