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Unformatted text preview: 1/21/2011 Water Resources: Source Waters Hydraulic Capacity Assessing or Modeling Control Volume Approach Control Volume: A 3-dimensional region in space (which has a fixed and constant boundary) through which mass, momentum, and energy can pass. Control Surface: The boundary to the control volume 2 1 Recall Q = VA For Steady Conditions: no Volumetric change per time Hydraulic retention time = 1/21/2011 Continuity Equation min mout dM CV dt Qin Qout dV dt 3 Water Resources Mass Balance Δ S → Change in Storage Capacity Δ S = In ‐ Out In = Qin + P + GWin Out = Qout + E + GWout + T 2 1/21/2011 fig_02_018 ~ 1250 mi2 table_02_05 3 1/21/2011 table_02_06 Amount of Rain into Mountain Lake Rain Event: ½”/hr for 45 minutes Mountain Lake: 50 acres 4 1/21/2011 fig_02_015 What is the average Storm Water Runoff in Blacksburg? 5 ...
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