10bhagwati - decision to outsource heavily. Not only is...

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Christina Butigian Professor Rice Global Issues I 12/1/09 Response to Chapter 10 Bhagwati In this chapter Bhagwati establishes his opinion on globalization being beneficial to the worker in raising his or her pay. He justifies this idea by stating that trade has allowed this raise to happen. I do not disagree with Bhagwati that globalization has raised workers wages, however this is not always the case. The real issue that globalization has not created, but has enabled for the worker, is dealing with the American worker; and it involves the massive loss of jobs due to excessive outsourcing of corporations and the unstable economy. The interconnectedness that globalization has created allows a multicorporation to have access to labor in third world countries; however it is the corporations that have to be held responsible for their
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Unformatted text preview: decision to outsource heavily. Not only is this outsourcing causing workers in the U.S. to lose their jobs, but it is also bound to have a domino effect. Meaning the loss of income for the family whose providers are unemployed is going to result, most likely, in a decreased education for their children, which in turn will have a spiraling effect into poverty. Indeed, I believe it is fair to make the statement that my generation, as a majority, will not experience the American dream that our parents have. This entails the idea that we will not be better off than our parents: our standard of living will decrease. The well paying jobs that our parents attained, that we thought we would have, will be taken by those from other countries, such as China, in which education is valued more than in the U.S. ....
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10bhagwati - decision to outsource heavily. Not only is...

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