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Chapter 6 1. Odd and unusual aspects of jobs that are unique to the employing organization b. are important job requirements and should be included in the job description. 2. Work is defined as b. effort directed toward producing or accomplishing results. 3. An analysis is being conducted at OneStop Pharmacy to track how prescription orders arrive, how they are logged in, how they are filled, how they are stored, how they are sold to customers, etc. The analysis is considering all the inputs, activit- ies, and outputs associated with the prescription drug business at the store. This is an example of a. workflow analysis. 4. Work and jobs in organizations are changing dramatically. The primary drivers of this change are technology and a. globalization. 5. A/an ____ is a grouping of tasks, duties, and responsibilities that constitutes the total work assignment for employees. d. job 6. ____ studies the way work moves through the organization in order to improve efficiency. a. Workflow analysis 7. A workflow analysis BEGINS with a. an examination of the quantity and quality of the desired and actual outputs. 8. Henry, a manager for a floor covering manufacturing firm, is attending a presentation by a consultant proposing a project to improve organizational productivity by changing the jobs themselves. “Looks like the company is planning ____.” says Henry to himself. a. re-engineering 9. Re-engineering is typically MOST successful with jobs that are c. routine. 10. The three phases of business processes re-engineering are c. rethink, redesign, retool. 11. Clark, the CEO of Agonistics, Inc., is studying a proposal for business process re-engineering (BPR) for his firm. Clark knows that without extensive communication, planning and training of managers the success rate of BPR is about
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c. 30% 12. Kathleen is suffering from high blood pressure, although she has a healthy lifestyle. When she talks with her co-workers in the department, she finds that a number of them have high blood pressure, sleep disorders and other stress-related med- ical problems. It is possible that the medical health of the employees and the company’s cost in health benefits would be improved with d. examining the job design in this department. 13. Job ____ refers to organizing tasks, duties, and responsibilities into a productive unit of work. b. design 14. Job design can affect all of the following EXCEPT c. organizational strategy. 15. Joshua is an extremely successful salesperson for a hospital-products manufacturing company. His sales are approxim- ately twice those of the average salesperson in his category, and he is a very valuable employee. But, Joshua’s adminis- trative abilities are minimal. This is causing problems with orders, customer follow-up, and reporting. Joshua’s boss is frustrated because significant training expenditures on Joshua have resulted in minimal improvement in his administrative performance. The situation cannot continue. Which of the following would be the most useful solution for the company?
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Mngt_367_-_Chapter_6_MC - Chapter 6 1 Odd and unusual...

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