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Corks_and_Taps_Market_Plan_FINAL - CORKS TAPS MARKETING...

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2/2011 Executive Summary Corks and Taps is a convenient mobile bartending service that provides service for clients that serve private parties, corporate events, award parties, charity benefits, and all holiday affairs. Mission Statement: To provide a mobile bar solution focused on enhancing the customers experience and exceeding the client’s expectations in every way. The clients would be those who have gatherings of 25-150 people that wish to include a selection of beverages (soda, beer, wine, liquor). Corks & Taps will offer the main amenities (garnishes, glasses, and a few of the basic sodas), transferable bar area, and selected drinks ready for any client event for reasonable rate. There are plenty of clients in the Nashville area who are trying to host a party in some way or another. The clients that Taps & Corks will be targeting are those in Nashville or surrounding areas: Age 25-45 (F, M, C) City Income $35-75k No children Some examples of Taps & Cork clients would be, colleges who have Greek systems that do home parties. Instead of making one of their people to serve during the party, Taps & Corks provide service. Business people normally like to have a very quiet area where they can build a relationship/get a contract signed without having any distractions -- why not have Taps & Corks 1
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to get/provide the beverages. These are examples where clients don't have the time to worry about having enough drinks or serving their own guests -- but to be able to have their main focus…on THEIR clients/friends. Taps & Corks would need roughly $30k loan to start the business. There are some pre-costs (liquor license, mobile bar, classes for bartenders, etc) that would need to be paid for before the business starts. Once running, they would need to meet their breakeven of $2400 each month, they should be able to save some money as well as replenish their alcohol. With this plan, Taps 1. Taps & Corks will have to provide sales/incentives either during certain times of the years (holidays, down-times, etc) to lure people to come back. 2. Be able to work with special venues (smaller/larger groups, provide specific types of parties) 3. Currently, Taps & Corks does not have much competition. Researching through the Yellow Pages and Google – there is currently two similar small companies – Nashville Pedal Tavern & Perfect Cocktail. Nashville Pedal Tavern would not be much of a competitor because their main focus is to those that want to travel around downtown while drinking beer. Perfect Cocktail, on the other hand is very similar to what Taps & Corks wants to do. As mentioned above, Taps & Corks should compete competitively with Perfect Cocktail. Description
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Corks_and_Taps_Market_Plan_FINAL - CORKS TAPS MARKETING...

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