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Nervous System notes 0809 - Nervous System Chapters 48 and...

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Nervous System Chapters 48 and 49 Nervous System Central Nervous System (CNS) = brain and spinal cord Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) = nerves that communicate motor and sensory signals between CNS and rest of body Central Nervous System Composed of 3 parts Cerebrum Cerebellum Brain Stem Cerebrum Learning, memory, perception, and intellectual function 2 hemispheres connected by Corpus Callosum Right half controls left side of body and vice versa Cerebral cortex outer layer with bumps and grooves Sensory and motor processing White matter Under cortex Axons of cortical neurons Cerebellum Posterior base of brain Regulates balance, posture, and movement Smoothes and coordinates ongoing movements by timing the contraction of muscles Lower Brain Stem Midbrain = visual and auditory Pons = relay between cerebellum and cerebral hemispheres Medulla oblongata = homeostatic activities heart rate, breathing rate, body temperature and sleep Upper Brain Stem Limbic System = control emotion, memory, motivation Hypothalamus = homeostasis and biological clock Thalamus = sensory processing Receive sensory messages and send them to the appropriate part of the brain Spinal Cord Starts at medulla oblongata composed of outer sheath of white matter around gray matter White matter = axons of neurons Gray matter = cell bodies of neurons 31 Pairs of peripheral nerves originate here Nerve = Bundle of axons
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Peripheral Nervous System Sensory Division Sensory receptors and the interneurons that connect them
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Nervous System notes 0809 - Nervous System Chapters 48 and...

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