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AEM 2100 Name _______________ Spring 2011 Section ______________ HOMEWORK #3 1.) Five applicants for real estate appraisal training, two from Oregon and three from Florida, have submitted their scores on different real estate appraisal aptitude exams. The two from Oregon had taken the Pacific Appraisers' Aptitude Test (PACAT), while the three from Florida had taken the Southeastern Appraisers' Aptitude Test (SEAT). Scores on the PACAT have a mean of 50 and a standard deviation of 10, while scores on the SEAT have a mean of 120 and a standard deviation of 15. The applicants' scores are listed in the table. Applicant Exam Taken Score 1 PACAT 60 2 PACAT 45 3 SEAT 130 4 SEAT 115 5 SEAT 110 If the five applicants were ranked from highest to lowest entirely on the basis of appraisal aptitude test score in relation to the type of exam taken , which applicant would have the relatively highest rank? The relatively lowest? 2.) From your textbook, page 80, #2.98 3.) When the Zagat Survey, a leading provider of leisure-based survey results, released its San Francisco Restaurants Survey, it marked the 25 th year that Zagat Survey reported on diners and the 19 th year that the company has covered San Francisco. The participants dined out an average of 3.2 times per week, with the average price per meal being $33.75. Suppose the standard deviation of the price of meals in San Francisco was $10 a.) What percentage of the prices of meals was between $13.75 and $53.75? b.) Determine the largest proportion of meal prices that could be larger than $50. c.) If the checks were paid in Chinese currency ($1 USD = 8.0916 Chinese Yuan), determine the mean and standard deviation of meal prices in San Francisco. How would this change of currency affect your answer to part a.
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4.) For each day of last year, a city engineer recorded the number of vehicles passing through a certain intersection. One objective of this study was to determine the percentage of days that more than 425 vehicles used the intersection. Suppose the mean for the data was 375 vehicles per day and the standard deviation was 25 vehicles. a.) What can you say about the percentage of days that more than 425 vehicles used the intersection? Assume that you know nothing about the shape of the relative frequency distribution for the data. b.)
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Hw3s11 - AEM 2100 Spring 2011 Name _ Section _ HOMEWORK #3...

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