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sec_1_s11[1] - AEM 2100 Spring 2011 Section 1 1 Name...

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AEM 2100 Name: _________________ Spring 2011 Section: Section 1 1.) A food products company is considering marketing a new snack food. To see how consumers react to the product, the company conducted a taste test using a sample of 100 randomly selected shoppers at a suburban shopping mall. The shoppers were asked to taste the snack food and then fill out a short questionnaire that requested the following information: (1) What year were you born? (2) Are you the person who typically does the food shopping for your household? (3) How many people are in your family? (4) How would you rate the taste of the snack food on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is least tasty? (5) Would you purchase this snack food if it were available on the market? (6) If you answered yes to part (5), how often would you purchase the product? a.) How many elements are in this dataset? b.) How many variables are in this dataset? c.) How many observations are in this dataset? d.) Classify the variables as quantitative or qualitative, and state the level of measurement.
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  • Frequency distribution, Histogram, relative frequency, Baseball positions, Hall of Famers, P P L R C R C

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