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Unformatted text preview: Bullwhip Effect ‚3 + „ “ The Impact of Bullwhip Effect Undoubtedly, the observation and explanation of Bullwhip Effect help manufacturing enterprises as well as retail companies modify their supply chain to eliminate the side effect of Bullwhip as much as possible. However, not only those individual enterprises mentioned in the textbook such as Barilla SpA and P&G, but also the whole industry, ranging from PC manufacturing to fashion have benefited from it greatly. Generally speaking, the Bullwhip Effect and its solution act as an impetus to the evolution of supply chain management from the macroscopic perspective. To begin with, the Bullwhip Effect urges the entrepreneurs to pay more attention to the role of information, since the emergence of Bullwhip Effect is mainly due to the incomplete information among suppliers, manufacturers and retailers. In order to incomplete information among suppliers, manufacturers and retailers....
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