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Dieting Plan: Objective: to minimize the amount of fat taken in. Constraints: 1 .He or she must choose at least one and only one kind of food from each category, Staple food, Meet and Fruits & Vegetables. 2. The amount of protein taken in should more than 70 g 3. The amount of total energy must be less than 750K*Cal 4. The amount of carbohydrate must be less than 70 (10g) 5. The amount of staple food must be more than 200 g
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Unformatted text preview: 6. He or She must have over 50g fruits or vegetables per meal. MIN Z=∑F i X i S.T ∑P i X i >=70 ∑T i X i <=750 ∑C i X i <=70 (Pi=Protein coefficient; Fi=Fat coefficient; Ti=Total Energy coefficient; Ci=Carbohydrate Coefficient) Y i =0 or 1 Y1+Y2+Y3+Y4+Y5=1 Y6+Y7+Y8+Y9=1 Y10+Y11+Y12+Y13=1 X i <=MY i X i >=0 X1+X2+X3+X4+X5>=2 X10+X11+X12+X13>0.5 Optimal value: X1=2 X7=3.2 X12=0.5 Z min =8.02 g...
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