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learning - the same mistakes that they already made It will...

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People learn throughout their entire lives by many different ways. Some people prefer to read many books and gain knowledge from them. Others prefer to do things physically. Also, there are people who prefer to learn from others by listening to their advice and analyzing their mistakes. Personally, I prefer to learn something from listening to people. First of all, from my own experiences, when I learn by listening to people talk about things, it is much more fun and exciting than reading books which sometimes need patient to keep it up and easy to be tired. The lessons from firsthand experience of people are active and easy to understand. Furthermore, by listening to people, I can learn not only knowledge but also other through other people’s experiences which I would not able to learn by reading books. In addition, I can learn from their mistakes. When I listen to stories from others, I can memorize their mistakes. Then I will try not to make
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Unformatted text preview: the same mistakes that they already made. It will be very good lessons in my life. Second, learning by listening to people talk is efficient. When I study by reading books then something that I cannot understand come up, I would have to find someone who can help me which would take time. However, if I have a question during listing from people, I can ask them directly. Besides it, I can ask them more detail or as much as I want to know. It would help me so much more and save time compared to wait and find someone to ask. Moreover, possibilities that I could forget all the questions that I have are high. To sum up, I would say again that listening to people is the best method to learn something. People have a lot of things to learn in their lives. They use several ways to broaden their knowledge and their skills...
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