women and men - There is a quote by George Santayana...

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There is a quote by George Santayana “Friends are generally of the same sex, for where men and women agree, it is only in the conclusions; their reasons are always different” .Indeed, there are many differences between men and women. In my opinion, the causes of these differences are five main things surround both men and women which would somehow affect them directly or indirectly. So to identify the differences, I will discuss round these five main things: job, family, character, life and love. In job, women would like to solve problems with discussion. For examples, myself as a women when I have to face problems, I would love to share and talk about it with someone. On the contrary, men tend to insert and bring out their way to solve problems. Men themselves would not like anyone’s help. They love to be independent in everything. Moreover, women can and do multiple things at the same time such as talking on the phone with friends and decorating the room. Comparing to that, men prefer to work one thing at a time. Furthermore, men are worse than women when looking at details on something. For instance, sometimes men cannot find something in refrigerator or drawer. Also, men often do not notice
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women and men - There is a quote by George Santayana...

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