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Chapter 9 - Chapter 9 67 Josh is a manager at Baseball...

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Chapter 9 67. Josh is a manager at Baseball Equipment. He is thinking about involving his subordinates in the decision making process. According to Vroom and Jago, if a. his subordinates typically go along with whatever Josh decides, their involvement is not that important b. Josh does not have good information; there is no need to involve the subordinates c. the subordinates do not share in the goals of the organization, Josh should let them make the decision alone d. the problem is ambiguous and poorly structured, there is a need for Josh to interact with his subordinates e. None of the above applies ..... Level: 3 Page: 320 Type: A Answer: d 68. Managers can use the Vroom-Jago model to make ______ decisions. 69. The tendency of organizations to invest time and money in a solution despite strong evidence that is not appropriate is referred to as
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70. The ______ is the individual who is assigned the role of challenging assumptions made by the group. a. group gadfly B multiple advocate . c devil's advocate . d brainstormer . e. inferior member Level: 1 Page: 325 Type: F Answer: c Scenario Questions ScenarioBrandon Folk Brandon Folk manages a group of eight electrical engineers at Athex Designs. His team is highly trained and well respected by experts both inside and outside the
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