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midterm tag - Critique the forensic report prepared by Dr....

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Critique the forensic report prepared by Dr. Honeydew (see the handout). Is there any pertinent information missing? Will the prosecution be able to successfully use this report in court? The report doesn't contain any information for the results of the ink of the pen that was found at the scene of the crime. We can use TLC and comparing it to the others in the apartment, thus giving more evidence. It will help prosecute the person because it is going to have residues left on it. Question 2 Compose an introduction for your report. In the introduction you will need to describe your objective, the various tests you expect to perform and why the tests will provide the required information. You will also have to describe what outcome will cause you to conclude there is a match and what outcome(s) will be negative. Remember that in an introduction you do not describe HOW to perform the tests, rather what the tests are and why they will work. The introduction needs to be addressed to a non-scientist. It needs to convince a non-scientist that your analysis will produce an outcome that could be used in a court of law. There was a bomb found on campus and police have a suspect with materials linked to him or her and found residue on the bomb. By using the TLC method chromatography of the ink pen, the ink residue, the crystalline and the salt found in the apartment can be determined. The colors found in the Rf values will be compared to see if a match between them. Using the precipitates of the cation and anion solutions along with a solution with the salts in the apartments to see if there's a match between them on the bomb. And by means of comparing the emission spectroscopy it can be determined whether or not the salt from
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midterm tag - Critique the forensic report prepared by Dr....

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