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creepiest person in class writing

creepiest person in class writing - In Class Writing I have...

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In Class Writing I have met a lot of new people in the last year, some creepy, some whom have become my best friends. One person who I have grown in a relationship over the last year is my boyfriend. He is a very social person; therefore he has introduced me to many people. One of his friends is named Chris. Chris has not had a great history with girls in the past so he comes off creepy. When his last girlfriend left him, it hit him hard because he adored her, but he has tried to move on. What makes him creepy is how desperate he is around women. Including me, and I even have a boyfriend. He tends to talk down on himself to every girl he meets. Although he is overweight he also has very low self-esteem because of it. But he does have a talent. He went to college for opera singing. Even though he flunked out after his first year, he still has a wonderful voice. The only down side to it, is he feels like it attracts the ladies. Chris likes to serenade people thinking that it is flattering, but in
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