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Matthew Wong East 252: Religions of China February 11, 2011 Response Paper What do you think is the point of the brief story about the sovereigns of the Southern and Northern Seas, and the Primal Whole (p. 111)? What does this indicate about Daoist views of human civilization? When I first read the story by myself, I thought that the sovereigns of the Southern and Northern Seas were humans, while the sovereign of the Primal Whole was not. This is because Impatient and impulsive are human qualities and the Primal Whole seemed perfect, which humans are not and did not have seven holes in his body “for seeing, hearing, eating, and breathing” (deBary 111). When Impatient and Impulsive “bore some holes for” (deBary 111) the Primal Whole, they gave him human characteristics. Seven holes, one for each of the seven deadly sins. As a result, the Primal Whole died because he was human and all humans die eventually. After discussing the story in class, I see the story in a different way.
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