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Matthew Wong East 252: Religions of China March 21, 2011 Response Paper How do you think the eight-item “catena” (basically meaning “chain”) on self cultivation from the Great Learning compares with the bodhisattva path, as emphasized in Mahayana Buddhism and incorporated into the Lingbao Daosim? The Great Learning is a classic text in Chinese tradition that is emphasized and used for official exams during the Tang dynasty. “Most famous in the Great Learning is the catena – known in Chinese as the “eight items” – setting forth a series of links connecting intellectual and moral cultivation” (deBary 330) starting with the individual, advancing to harmony in the family, order in the state , and peace in the world. Some may see this way of thinking as selfish, but I believe that the eight items make a lot of sense. How can one make peace in the world or rule a state if they are not collected, settled, and have not cultivated him or herself? What if, while trying to cultivate yourself individually,
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