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Matthew Wong East 252: Religions of China February 16, 2011 Response Paper According to Bokenkamp’s discussion of the Xiang’er Commentary, what are some of the ways in which the early Celestial (or Heavenly) Masters tradition (re)interpreted and employed the Daode jing? The Daode jing has two major themes: the idea of Dao and the idea of non action and spontaneity. It is hard to define Dao because Dao is everything. Dao is the way the universe works. It involves qi, or the energy in the world; yin and yang, the balance of male and female characteristics; the 5 phases and how they interrelate with each other; and more. Non action and spontaneity deal with the idea that one cannot control everything. In fact, you cannot control anything; you can just accept the fact that life is full of cycles and let whatever happens happen.
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Unformatted text preview: The Celestial Masters took the Daode jing one step further. They kept the two major themes, but applied them “to moral and practical standards for a living community” 1 . The Celestial Masters had a code of morality that was based on the Daode jing (but also had some Confucian moral values), the Celestial Masters came up with practices that improved one’s connection with the Dao, the Celestial Masters reinterpreted the Daode jing so that everyone had a role to fulfill in order for society as a whole can function, and formed a social organization so that a community could function “according to the principles of the Dao” 2 1 Taken directly from class handout 2 2 imbd...
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