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7aCDW11quiz1 - energies(not the refrigerator and not the...

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7A Quiz 1 DL Section ______ Grade 1-11-11 Last 6 digits of student ID _______________ Last name First name ___________________ ____________________ First 3 letters of last name ___ ___ ___ 1 1) A heating curve of T vs energy added for 1 mole of nitrogen, N 2 , is shown at the bottom of the page. Suppose we have a container of 1 mole of nitrogen gas, N 2 , at room temperature, T = 300K, and we cool it down to T = 20K with a specially designed refrigerator. All of the questions below refer only to the nitrogen
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Unformatted text preview: energies (not the refrigerator and not the container for the nitrogen). a) [6 points] What energy systems changed in this process? Explain how you knew what to answer. b) [8 points] Draw an energy interaction diagram for the N 2 undergoing this process. c) [6 points] Give numerical estimates for all of the energy changes that are in your energy interaction diagram and explain how you got those numbers. 300 200 100 T (K) Energy Added (kJ) 1 mole of N 2 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20...
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