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Winter 2011 Physics 7A Lecture A/B Quiz 2 Rubric Question 1 (75% of quiz) Z (10) - Perfect/Correct X (9.5) - Correct energy diagrams, correct work = found Δ m but didn't give final answers for m final (ice) and m final (water). Also the ones who did give an answer had a small mathematical mistake. Y(9) - Small mistakes in Energy diagrams (example: may have E b increasing), but work is correct, and most of these have correct Δ m value but again missing m final (ice/water). T(8.7) - Correct energy diagrams and most of the steps follow correctly but there are some conceptual and mathematical errors which prevented them from getting correct answers. S(8) - Incorrect energy diagrams (again mostly E b increasing), and in addition the work has more conceptual and mathematical errors. R(7.7) - Used two different energy diagrams, each with E th and E b in it (so two E b energies changing in diagrams)- wrong. Q(7.3) - These start fine by calculating correctly E
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