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Neurotoxicology+Discussion+Notes - Neurotoxicology Review...

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Question 1 Syllabus; Neurotoxicology Page 3-6 Type of ion channel found in the membranes of excitable cells (such as nerve and muscle) which opens in response to a shift in membrane potential past threshold. (pre-synaptic) Ion channel in the post-synaptic membranes of nerve and muscle cells that opens only in response to the binding of a specific extracellular ligand. The resulting inflow of ions leads to the generation of a local electrical signall in the postsynaptic cell. Neurotoxicology -- Review Questions
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Neurotoxicology -- Review Questions Question 2a Syllabus: Neurotoxicology; page 4-page 5 Nerve Impulse 1. 1. An action potential reaches the nerve terminal and depolarizes the plasma membrane. The depolar- ization transiently opens voltage-gated calcium channels. Calcium ions flow into the nerve terminal and induce cytoplasmic vesicles containing ACh to migrate to the presynaptic membrane, fuse with it, and release the ACh into the synaptic cleft. 2. The ACh molecules diffuse across the synaptic cleft and bind to ligand-gated ion channels on a post- synaptic muscle or neuron. These ion channels transiently open and allow cations (mostly sodium) to enter and depolarize the membrane. 3. The local depolarization of the cell plasma membrane opens voltage-gated sodium channels allowing more sodium to enter, and begins the propagation of an action potential.
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Neurotoxicology+Discussion+Notes - Neurotoxicology Review...

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