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Jordan Evans Ethical Dilemma #1 In this situation Danny runs into the ethical question whether or not he should be completely honest with his boss after he discovers a mistake he made in his calculations that resulted in a raise for him after it was presented to his boss. This is an example of where a person’s integrity shines through. I think Danny should report to his boss his discovery of his miscalculation. Even if it slightly changes the number in the data he should be honest with his boss because his boss used that information in his decision to provide Danny with a raise. Management could be heading in the wrong direction in the long run making more risky decisions in the future that may cause a drop off in business. I believe the hardest part with this ethical situation is that the mistake was saved for the most part because of the increase in business so the company automatically just thinks it is because of what Danny had presented. Some of Danny’s alternative actions he could take are, re-working his calculations then
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