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Jordan Evans Ethical Dilemma No. 2 – Due May 19 Frank Santino is the accounting manager at the Ford and Toyota dealership in Petersburg, Texas, a town with a population of 50,000. At a Friday evening barbecue, Jose Martinez, a close friend, mentions that he is planning to sell some land to Louis Johnson for $20,000 and will allow Johnson to pay him over a five-year period. Santino, who happened to be reviewing the delinquent accounts at the dealership earlier in the day, knows that Johnson has a poor payment history and that his car may have to be repossessed. Martinez asks Santino what he thinks about the sale. What ethical issue is involved here? If you were Santino, would you warn Martinez about Johnson’s credit record? Ethical Dilemma #2 The ethical issues involved in this scenario include privacy of personal information. Also, Santino is faced with the dilemma of being a friend or being a professional at his job.
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Unformatted text preview: If I were in Frank Santino’s shoes I would like to be able tell Jose Martinez about Louis Johnson’s previous credit problems. Not because Jose is a close friend, but Louis should not be allowed to take out another debt before repaying the first one. This may not be my place to speak up, but I should also try and respect my friends and save everyone the problems that come along with piling on excess debts. However, the problem is the only reason I know about Louis’s finances is because I am the accounting manager at the dealership where Louis had purchased a vehicle. I would not have any authorization to disclose such information about Louis’s vehicle finances to any of my friends. I would try to advise Jose into doing some research on Louis before making the payment agreement. I would also give any tips or information I could that would be beneficial to him in his research....
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