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Management 305, Study Guide (Ch’s 1,2,3,5) 1. 2. 3. 4. List the 3 primary reasons that individuals become entrepreneurs and start their own firms. 5. List 3 reasons why one might NOT become an entrepreneur. 6. 7. List the 3 techniques for identifying an opportunity. 8. List and describe how 2 of the 4 environmental trends discussed in Ch. 2 might create entrepreneurial opportunities. 9. List and discuss the 4 personal characteristics of the entrepreneurs thought to make some people better at recognizing opportunities (Ch 2).
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Unformatted text preview: 10. List 3 techniques for generating business ideas. 11. List & define the 4 components of the feasibility analysis. 12. List 4 characteristics of an attractive industry. 13. List three advantages of targeting a niche market. 14. List three benefits (purposes) of conducting a product/service feasibility analysis. 15. List the 5 competitive forces that determine industry attractiveness/profitability. 16. List the 4 primary factors that determine intensity of rivalry. 17. List 4 sources of barriers to entry. 18. List of being a first-mover AND two advantages of being a second-mover. 19. List 4 of the 5 industry types identified in Ch. 5 & briefly describe opportunities presented in each. 20. List 3 sources of competitive intelligence....
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