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ECO364H1F – International Trade Theory (This version: September 14 th , 2010) Section L0101 (Monday 2-5pm, McLennan 202) Section L5101 (Monday 6pm-9pm, Ramsey Wright 117) Instructor: Assistant Professor Peter M. Morrow Room: Max Gluskin House (150 St. George), Room 336 Email: [email protected] Teaching Assistant: Christian Dippel Email: [email protected] Morrow’s office hours: Tuesday 10am-11am, Wednesday 10am-11am Dippel’s office hours: Fridays 2pm-4pm, 150 Saint George, Room 40 (downstairs) Objectives: This course introduces key concepts of international trade. Specifically, we will develop a theoretical framework to analyze the global market for goods and services. These models allow us to analyze both the determinants of trade and the impact of trade on domestic economic activity. Having developed these models, we will explore the empirical literature to examine how the models match the facts regarding (but not limited to) trade and wages, the gains from trade, and the relationship between trade and growth. Exclusion: ECO230Y1/328Y Prerequisites: ECO200Y1/ECO204Y1/ECO206Y1, ECO220Y1/ECO227Y1/(STA247H1, STA248H1)/ (STA250H1, STA255H1)/(STA257H1,STA261H1) I expect that you will be able to perform basic calculus, including simple partial and total derivatives. Christian will offer a brief review on the first day of class and I will post a short refresher. The administration is very strict and will not allow me to issue waivers to students who do not have all of the prerequisites. Textbook: Krugman and Obstfeld, International Economics: Theory and Policy , 8th Edition, Addison Wesley, 2008 (referred to as KO in what follows) The is available at the UoT bookshop and at the Short-Term Loan Service at the Robarts Library (3rd Floor) in very limited numbers. I do not require you to buy the newest (8 th ) edition of the textbook, allowing you to look for used copies online (e.g. at discounts. However, “buy-backs” from the bookstore are likely to apply to the 8 th edition only, if at all. Paul Krugman is an excellent writer and this (as much as anything) has led to his success as an economic commentator and academic. I will also be assigning a number of his shorter writings. While they are assigned for their economic content, pay attention to the clarity of his writing. There are also a number of web-logs (blogs) that I find useful: Paul Krugman (Princeton University): / Mark Thoma (University of Oregon): Nicholas Rowe (Carleton University): While you are not required to read these regularly, these blogs are useful sources of real world examples. Each contains political commentary that can be rather partisan. I am suggesting these blogs for their
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syllabus2010b - ECO364H1F I nternational Trade Theory(This...

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