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1. What role does the spindle play in the dividing cell? It helps separate and attach the chromosomes 2. Where does the cellulose wall form in the plant cell? Within the cytoplasm of the mother cell 3. How can you differentiate prophase from metaphase? The metaphase is after the prophase when the chromosomes have lined up in the center. 4. What cellular events occur during interphase? The DNA is replicated 5. How do the poles of the spindle in an animal cell differ from those of the onion root tip? The poles of the spindle in a animal cell pull pairs of chromosomes to each pole, unlike the plant cell spindle pole which push the chromosomes to the center of the cells 6. Compare the separation of animal daughter cells with that of plant cells. Plant cells form a cell plate which
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Unformatted text preview: gradually fuses to the plasma membrane completing the separation. Animal cells use a ring of microfilaments to pinch apart. 7. What structures are present in the animal cell that are not present in the plant cell? Plasma membrane 8. What mitotic structures are present in both plant and animal cells? Summary Questions: 1. List the stages of mitosis. 2. What is the significance of the mitotic process? 3. In which cells does meiosis occur? 4. How would you define meiosis? 5. What is the significance of meiosis? 6. What would occur if there were no reduction of chromosome number...
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