Chapter 6 HW Answers

Chapter 6 HW Answers - 6-28(40 min.)Budget schedules for a...

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Unformatted text preview: 6-28(40 min.)Budget schedules for a manufacturer.a. Revenues BudgetExecutive LineChairman LineTotalUnits sold740390Selling price$ 1,020$ 1,600Budgeted revenues$754,800$624,000$1,378,800b.Production Budget in UnitsExecutive LineChairman LineBudgeted unit sales740390Add budgeted ending fin. goods inventory3015Total requirements770405Deduct beginning fin. goods. inventory205Budgeted production750400c.Direct Materials Usage Budget (units)OakRed OakOakLegsRed OakLegsTotalExecutive Line:1. Budgeted input per f.g. unit1642. Budgeted production7507503. Budgeted usage (1 2)12,0003,000Chairman Line:4. Budgeted input per f.g. unit2545. Budgeted production4004006. Budgeted usage (4 5)10,0001,6007. Total direct materials usage (3 + 6)12,00010,0003,0001,600Direct Materials Cost Budget 8. Beginning inventory320150100409. Unit price (FIFO)$18$23$11$1710. Cost of DM used from beginning inventory (8 9)$5,760$3,450$1,100$680$10,99011. Materials to be used from purchases (7 8)11,6809,8502,9001,56012. Cost of DM in March$20$25$12$1813. Cost of DM purchased and used in March (11 12)$233,600$246,250$34,800$28,080$542,73014. Direct materials to be used (10 + 13)$239,360$249,700$35,900$28,760$553,7206-1Direct Materials Purchases Budget...
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Chapter 6 HW Answers - 6-28(40 min.)Budget schedules for a...

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