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Assignment#2-Case analysis%26LegalReasoningEssayWriting

Assignment#2-Case analysis%26LegalReasoningEssayWriting -...

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Assignment#2: Case analysis and legal reasoning essay writing Course Name : Legal Environment of Business Course Code : COB202 Class : DC7, DC4, DE2, DE3, DE1 Assignment submit date : Nov 14 (Saturday) Page of document: 2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Steve is a designer of modern office equipment. In 2008 Steve designed a new photocopier which copies, staples, counts and also detects and corrects spelling error in the originals. On 12 June Steve sends a fax to Ben and a fax to Mary. The faxes are identical except for names and addresses. Steve asks each of them if they would be interested in becoming the sole distributor of Malco, the wonder copier. On 13 June Ben and Mary each fax Steve stating that they are interested in the proposal but want more information. Steve faxes Ben on 15 June. This fax states: I offer you the sole distributorship of Malco (details attached) at a basic rate of 12 percent commission. If I hear nothing from you by 23 June I will assume that you have accepted my offer and I will ship the first suppliers of Malco to you on 30 June. Ben receives the fax and sends Steve a letter accepting the offer. The letter did not arrive until 24 June. On 22 June Mary having heard nothing from Steve since the fax of 1
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12 June posted a letter to Steve offering to act as sole agent for distribution of Malco for 8 percent commission. Steve received Mary’s letter on 23 June. Steve immediately telephoned Ben and told him that the post of sole distributor was no longer available.
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