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Computer # : First Test Name: User name : AXL203 , Password : Lastexam1 Closed Book, Closed Notes, except this test and the Computer Help System (F1) Instructions : Do not insert any flash drive (USB drive) until you are finished with the test . Save your program to the TEMP folder on your C drive. The name of your file should be of the form “ Wed##.xlsm ” if you are in room 301 or “ Thu##.xlsm ” if you are in room 203 (do not include quotes with the name), where ## refers to your computer number which is on the back of your computer. You should have one Excel workbook (i.e., one file) that contains four worksheets. The first problem is an Excel problem, the second through fourth problems are VBA problems. Put your computer number at the top of this page together with your printed name at the top and signature below. In addition, it is also very important that you name your worksheets according to each problem’s instructions. Your VBA code should be written by you – do not use the “Record Macro” feature to create you VBA code although you may use “Record Macro” to test syntax. Save your program often . If you lose everything a minute before the end of class time, you will receive zero points for not being wise enough to save your work. (Exceptions will be made for a hard drive failure. In that case, you will need to retake the entire test.) Also, it will be considered scholastically dishonest if you look at any other Excel file that is stored on your computer from the past. If you think there is a typo or hardware problem, please ask about it. To most other questions, I will respond “do what you think best”. If you need to make an assumption, state your assumption and then your grade will be based on your work given that your assumption is correct as well as the appropriateness of your assumption. After you have finished the exam, ask for a flash drive from either Leah or me and save your Excel workbook to the inserted drive. (Note, you need patience in waiting for the computer to recognize the inserted flash drive.) You should save only one file and the save must be from within Excel using the SaveAs command. It is extremely important that you save the file as an Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook ; otherwise, you will receive no credit for the second through fourth problems. After you have turned in the test, you may save the file to your flash
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ExampleTest1 - Computer # : First Test Name: User name:...

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