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MN100 W ORKSHOP R W ORKSHOPS , E SSAYS AND A LLOCATION Special topic Workshop & week Essay title Student allocation 1 Workshop 3: 18 th November Drawing on Weber’s ideal type, critically consider the relevance of bureaucratic administration to the management of twenty-first century organisations. Daulatzai, Ziaurahman Konopizky, Camillo Reynolds, Rachel Zhang, Yuyu Brewer, Collin 2 Workshop 4: 2 nd December The Hawthorne Studies have been heavily criticised for the managerial stance that affected the researchers’ interpretation of their data. Examine these ideological criticisms and assess the continuing value of their findings and practical implications. Ghafuri, Rashid Lisney, Henry Sataite, Ieva Tomov, Trifon Michael, Alirezaei 3 Workshop 5: 27 th January By outlining in some detail a piece of structural contingency research,
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Unformatted text preview: evaluate the contributions of this general approach to studying organisation structure. Holliday, Pia Mortellaro, Giancarlo Sheikh, Zaynah Wojtyniak, Anna Yang, Gang 4 Workshop 6: 10 th February To what extent do you agree with the proposition that organisations with strong cultures are more likely to be high economic performers than those with weak cultures? Ali, Zahid Chan, Martin Jakobs, Antonia Solomon, Raphaelle Sulia, Elzbieta 5 Workshop 7: 3 rd March ‘Employees are always likely to work harder when their jobs offer them greater discretion and responsibility’. Critically assess this generalisation in the light of job redesign theories. Behrens, Sonja Claus, Vinicius Kasapoglu, Alican Pham Vu, Tuan Dung Sum, Oi...
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