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MN 1075 Study Skills and Methods Detailed assignment guidance Introduction The purpose of the assignment for MN1075 is to practice the skills we have been discussing and demonstrate how they may assist you in preparing better assignments than might otherwise be the case. Given that the main purpose of a study skills module is to teach you skills that will benefit your academic work there seems little point in setting additional work to test these skills if it is on material that you would, otherwise, have had no cause to engage with. In order, therefore, to ensure that we do not ask you to carry out additional work I have asked you to do your work based on one of the essay topics for Management and the Modern Corporation (students who are not following Management and the Modern Corporation may carry out the exercise for any module that they are taking here at RHUL but must note that this is the reason and must also note what unit and essay title they are responding to). The nature of the task makes it difficult to provide a tight word length guide but your work should be between 1500 and 2000 words (it may be slightly longer if you are handing in the full essay but please note that full essays will only be marked on the criteria laid out in this document. Assessment of the essay itself will be carried out by the MN1001 team and will be done only if you hand your work into them as laid out in the MN1001 course outline). Topic selection
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MN_1075_Study_Skills_and_Methods_-_Assignment_details - MN...

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