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DQ1 - as fundraising and new grants for the company and...

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DQ1 What purpose do Learning Teams serve here as adult learners? I believe it teaches us how to as “adults” how to work with one another as a team and be able to help each other out when it comes to conflicts within the group. Sharing, understanding one another, and listening are elements that teams should posses to help make a team run smooth. What will team work look like in Human Services? I believe team work will look like a lot of people trying to get together to build up the business, motivate others, and produce accomplishment and by each team member helping each other by locate new resources, such
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Unformatted text preview: as: fundraising, and new grants for the company and clients. How will your practice in team work here impact your work in the Human Services field? This will help me in understanding how to work better with other people in my field. By listening to what they have to say, and being able to take advice from others that have been there longer than me will help me in my career. By having team work class this will allow me to be able to work better with others than by myself....
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