2010 Fall Bio 317 Exam 3

2010 fall bio 317 exam 3

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Unformatted text preview: BIO 317 EXAM 3 December 16, 2010 Instructions (failure to follow instructions may result in your OPSCAN sheet being rejected) 1. DO NOT OPEN YOUR EXAM until told to do so by the proctor. 2. Use only a #2 pencil to fill out the OPSCAN sheet and do not forget to blacken all the spots. 3. Fill out your personal information on your OPSCAN sheet NOW. a. Enter your NAME, last name first, in the space indicated at the top of the OPSCAN sheet. b. Enter your SBU ID NUMBER in the space indicated in the lower left corner of the OPSCAN sheet: c. Sign YOUR NAME in the top right margin of the OPSCAN Sheet 4. Do not mark any other spaces (except answers) on the OPSCAN. Questions / Points There are 6 pages with 25 questions worth a total of 100 points on this exam. Each question is worth 4 points. Choose the best answer and mark your answer on the OPSCAN sheet. Answer every question. There is no penalty for guessing. If you must erase, do so carefully and completely. The system is very sensitive and you WILL NOT get credit if it picks-up two or more answers. Also mark your answers on this paper so you can check the key. Answers will be posted on the course BlackBoard web page this afternoon. Grades Grades will be posted on course BlackBoard web page (in the gradebook) as soon as possible. OPSCANS will not be returned. 1) The following is NOT true of the identification and purification of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF): a) A rich source of NGF is found in the venom/salivary glands of snakes and mice. b) The NGF found in crude extracts of sarcoma tumors can be activated by the phosphodiesterase in snake venom. c) NGF was rapidly assayed during purification using the first neuronal explant culture of DRG (dorsal root ganglion). d) NGF was discovered as a growth-promoting activity secreted from sarcoma tumors. e) None of the above. 2) The following is true about Rita Levi-Montalcini and growth factors: a) She, together with Victor Hamburger, proposed that neuronal targets provided a trophic factor that sent a survival signal to the first neurons reaching those targets. b) Together with Stanley Cohen, she discovered and purified the first growth factor, EGF, and showed it to act as a mitogen on epidermal ce...
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