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2010 Bio 311 Lab D Cover Sheet

2010 Bio 311 Lab D Cover Sheet - Summary Report Grade Out...

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BIO 311 Fall ‘10 LAB D REPORT COVERSHEET Date:_________________ Name:____________________________________________________ e-mail address: __________________________________________________ Lab Instructor:____________________Section #_________________ Bench: # ______ Names of Lab partners 1._____________________________________ 2.______________________________________ Grader’s initials_________
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Unformatted text preview: Summary Report Grade:_________ Out of 100 COMPONENTS Summary (10) Short Introduction (5) Results (40) o Written section (20) o Tables, Charts, Graphs, Diagrams, Pictures (20) Discussion (30) o Data Analysis (15) o Interpretation (15) Answers to Questions (15) Literature cited (Extra credit at discretion of the grader) GENERAL COMMENTS...
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