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2010 Bio 311 Syllabus

2010 Bio 311 Syllabus - BIO 311 Techniques in Molecular and...

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BIO 311: Techniques in Molecular and Cellular Biology Syllabus for the Fall 2010 Web site: http://blackboard.sunysb.edu This is a rigorous, upper-division laboratory course designed to guide you into sophisticated skills and modern laboratory techniques used in molecular biology and biotechnology research labs. The textbook has been chosen to teach you the biology for the techniques you will learn in lab. It is also an excellent reference book for other courses in biology or biochemistry. You will learn the following techniques in this course as well as develop a host of skills: Cloning Agarose gel electrophoresis SDS PAGE Plasmid purification PCR Western Blotting Transformation Gel Filtration RNAi Course Director: A.K.M. M. Mollah (Shopon), Ph.D. , Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology Telephone 632-1127 e-mail [email protected] Office Life Sciences, Room 372 Office Tuesdays 3:00 – 4:00 pm Wednesday 10:00 – 11:00 am or by appointment or e-mail Required materials 1. Textbooks: a . paperback option of e-book : Jocelyn E. Krebs, Elliott S. Goldstein, Stephen T. Kilpatrick (2010) Lewin's Essential GENES, Second Edition Jones & Bartlett, MA; ISBN: 978-0-7637- 5915-5 b . Pechenik, Jan A. (2007) A Short Guide to Writing about Biology: Sixth Edition, Pearson, ISBN 0321385926 Optional text: Micklos, David A., Freyer, Greg A., and Crotty, David. A. (2003) DNA Science, A First Course: Second Edition. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, New York, ISBN 0- 87969-632-2 2. Loose leaf binder for BIO 311 Lab manual notes downloaded each week from Blackboard 3. Loose leaf paper for taking notes and collecting data 4. Own box of gloves for those with sensitive skin or allergies (only powdered nitrile gloves will be provided) 5. Calculator 6. Must bring to lab every time for computer: USB drive, z ip disk, or CD-RW 7. E-mail account Reading assignments from the Lewin and Pechenik texts are given in the course schedule. Additional readings or reference material will be noted during lecture including reading for the lab E on “RNAi”, as well as posted on Blackboard under “Assignments”. Text and other reference books are on RESERVE in the Science and Engineering Library. Lab protocols should be read before coming to lab class. Blackboard:
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You will have access to two Blackboard accounts for this course. One will contain the course outline and syllabus, material for the lectures, extra reading material, the weekly lab protocol postings and announcements from me. The other will have material and announcements from your lab instructor and will contain your grades. Grading: Based on 100% Final Exam 12.5% Journal Club Presentation 12.5% Lab Preparation and Lab Quiz Average 12.5% Lab Reports (5 x 12.5%) 62.5% Total 100% I. Final Exam The Final E xam will be given during finals week: December 20 th at 11:15 am to 1:45 pm am in room to be announced. It will be comprehensive covering all lecture material and pertinent laboratory material. Its format is 100 multiple-choice and matching questions.
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2010 Bio 311 Syllabus - BIO 311 Techniques in Molecular and...

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