2010 Midterm Key

2010 Midterm Key - AMS110.02 Midterm (Spring 2010) Possible...

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Possible Points:100; Time: 80 Minutes Last Name: _____________________ First Name: _____________________ Student ID Number: _____________________ 1. As part of a classic experiment on mutations, eight aliquots of identical size were taken from the same culture of the bacterium E. coli. For each aliquot, the number of bacteria resistant to a certain virus was determined. The results were as follows: 14, 15, 13, 21, 15, 14, 26, 20 a. (5 points) Compute the sample mean, sample variance, sample standard deviation, and sample range(to 2 decimal places) Sample mean = 17.25 Sample variance = 21.07 Sample standard deviation =4.59 Sample range = 26-13=13 b. (5 points) Give the five-number summary (min, max, median, quartiles) and IQR for this distribution. Min=13, Max=26, Median=15, First quartiles=14, Third quartiles=20.5 IQR=20.5-14=6.5 c. (5 points) Find the mode of this data set. 14 & 15 (Bimodal) d. (5 points) Find the sample coefficient of variation. (to 2 decimal places) 4.59 100% 100% 26.60% 17.25 s CV x = = = e. (5 points) Compute the 80 th percentile for this data set. 80 th percentile => n=8 and p=.8 = ( 1) n p + th order statistic = 7.2th order statistic 7th order statistic is 21 and 8 th order statistic is 26. Thus 7.2th order statistic is 21 5 20%
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2010 Midterm Key - AMS110.02 Midterm (Spring 2010) Possible...

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