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Quiz 2 - random variable 2 There are five teaching...

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Quiz 2 (03/02/2010) 1. A certain drug treatment cures 70% of cases of hookworm in children. Suppose that 10 children suffering from hookworm are to be treated, and the children can be regarded as a random sample from the population. Find the probability that (a) all 10 will be cured (b) three or more will be cured (c) exactly 50% will be cured (d) Calculate the expected value and standard deviation of your
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Unformatted text preview: random variable. 2. There are five teaching assistants available for grading papers in a particular course. The first exam consists of three questions, and the professor wishes to select a different assistant to grade each question (only one assistant per question). In how many ways can assistants be chosen to grade the exam?...
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