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Quiz3 (3/18/2010) 1. A random sample of n=36 measurements is selected from a population with a mean equal to 40 and a standard deviation equal to 12. a) Describe the sampling distribution of X . b) Find P( X >36). c) Find P( X <30). d) Find the value of k such that P( X > k )=.05. 2. In a certain human population, 20% of the individuals have “superior”
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Unformatted text preview: distance vision, in the sense of scoring 20/15 or better on a standardized vision test without glasses. If we were to examine a random sample of five persons from the population, a) Construct the sampling distribution of p . b) Find P( p =0)=? c) Find P(.1&lt; p .4)=?...
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