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2010 Bio 320 Course Info - BIO 320 GENERAL GENETICS...

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1 BIO 320 GENERAL GENETICS COURSE INFORMATION SPRING 2010 Instructors: Nancy Hollingsworth LS 314 (2-8581) Research: Genetics of meiosis in yeast [email protected] Maurice Kernan CMM 447 (2-9964) Research: Genetics of the mechanical senses in flies [email protected] Office Hours: Open door policy—you are welcome to drop by during the week or to call or email to make an appointment that works with your schedule. Lectures: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:20-3:40 p. m. Javits 100 Teaching Assistants (see Recitation Schedule for office hours and locations): Prerna Grover, Erik Lavington, Diana Orozco, Sushma Gaddam, Jay Moon, Harris Noor Textbook: Genetics: From Genes to Genomes, by Hartwell et al ., Third edition Study guide and solutions manual for Genetics: From Genes to Genomes Be sure that you have the third edition, which was first used in this course in Spring 2007. Older editions may not have all the material and problem sets used. A discounted Stony Brook package, which includes a softcover version of the complete text and the solutions manual, can be purchased either at the University Bookstore or at Stony Books. Copies of the text are on reserve in the Science and Engineering Library on the first floor of the Melville Library. Supplementary book: • Genome : the autobiography of a species in 23 chapters , by Matthew Ridley. Any version is OK; used copies available online or at the bookstores . This book is optional. It is an interesting read which helps put much of what you will learn in class in a broader biological and human context. Einstruction Response Pad (clicker) (available at the Bookstore or at Stony Books). Clickers are used to answer questions during lecture for extra credit. Your clicker can be registered through the BIO320 Blackboard site. Under “Course Tool” click on “CPS Connection” and follow the instructions. eInstruction RF clickers purchased last year can be used, but must be registered again for this semester. If you have registered your clicker for another class in Spring 2010 you do not need to pay the fee again but you do need to register specifically for BIO320. Older, infrared response pads will not work . ONLINE RESOURCES Course website : on Blackboard at http://blackboard.stonybrook.edu/. Please contact either instructor if you have any problems accessing this website. All course announcements (for example, if class is cancelled due to inclement weather) are posted here, so please check it regularly. Also posted are: Contact information for professors and TAs: (STAFF INFORMATION) Syllabus (COURSE INFORMATION)
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2010 Bio 320 Course Info - BIO 320 GENERAL GENETICS...

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