October 2005�Implemented an energy initiative

October 2005�Implemented an energy initiative -...

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October 2005—Implemented an energy initiative - Increase fuel efficiency in Wal-Mart’s truck fleet by 25% in 3 years and 50% in 10 years. - Reduce energy use at stores by 30% and cut out solid waste from U.S stores and Sam’s Clubs by 25% in 3 years Recently created it’s own electric company in Texas, “Texas Retail Energy” - Plans to supply there Texas stores (about 500 stores) with cheap energy that they will buy at wholesale prices. In January, 2011, at the urging of Michelle Obama and her staff, Wal-Mart announced a program to improve the nutritional values of its store brands over the next five years, gradually reducing the amount of salt and sugar, and eliminating trans fat. Wal-Mart also promised to negotiate with suppliers such as Kraft with respect to nutritional issues. Reductions in the prices of whole foods and vegetables were also promised as well as efforts to open stores in low-income areas, "food deserts", where there are no
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Unformatted text preview: supermarkets 8,500 stores in 15 countries with 55 different names. 2006—launched a Wal-Mart supercenter in Plano, Texas that caters to upper class people.- Wood floors, a sushi bar, wider aisles, Free Wi-Fi, and more expensive brands of beer and wine Other stores on East Coast have opened since that sell fresh caught lobsters and crab and wines that can range up to $150/bottle-“Supermacado”—Wal-Mart-“Mas Club”—Sams Club (plans to open soon) 2010—Teamed with Proctor and Gamble to produce two hour long, made for tv movies that were family friendly. In the movies they feature products made by Wal-Mart and Proctor and Gamble Between 2006-2009 net sales growth averaged 9.3% per year. In contrast, in they only grew by 1% in 2010 This is partly do to lower demand from low-income shoppers and reduction in variety of brands they carry...
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October 2005�Implemented an energy initiative -...

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