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COM 240 Dr. Silk Exam II: Study Guide Material Concentration Four chapters: 7, 8, 9, & part of chapter 10 as well as information presented & discussed in class Anything from the above material is “fair game” for the exam Assimilation Processes Assimilation definition Socialization definition Stages of Organizational socialization Socialization & Boundary Transitions The “Office” episode Common Socialization Techniques Expected Outcomes of Successful Socialization LMX Theory Organization Exit Interviewing Small Groups & Teams What is a group? Ideal size of group What is a team? Advantages/Disadvantages of teams Team dynamics *Handout* -- Three types of roles/stages of group development An environment for synergy Conflict, Problem Solving, & Decision-Making
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Unformatted text preview: Definition of conflict Principles of conflict Conflict Advantages and Disadvantages Stages of conflict Causes of conflict Approaches of conflict Conflict management styles Dealing effectively with conflict Organization responses to conflict Power & Conflict Problem solving vs. Decision solving Problem solving process Decision-making approaches Leadership & Change Processes Leadership vs. Management Understand approaches to leadership Know the different types of leadership styles The Four E’s of Jack Welsh Reactions to org change Be familiar with primary reasons for management failure Natural vs. Planned Change Communication in org change Kotter’s eight phases for successful change & why change efforts fail...
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