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SOC NOTES FOR EXAM 1 1-14-09 Sociology= study of human behaviors as they are affected by social interactions within groups, organizations, societies, and the planet Social interaction: people are involved 1- Take one another into account 2- Consciously and unconsciously attach meaning to the situation 3- Interpret what others are saying and doing and then respond accordingly Social facts are ideas, feelings, and ways of behaving “that possess the remarkable property of existing outside the consciousness of the individual.” From the time we are born, the people around us seek to impose upon us ways of thinking, feeling, and acting that we had no idea in creating--- page 7 Social fact: in U.S. holding hands with a same sex adult is viewed only as a sign of homosexuality This is not true in all countries Social fact: facial and body hair on women is considered a masculine trait Peter Berger quote on pg. 3 “the fascination…” Peter Berger quote on pg. 3 “the logic of sociology…” The distinctiveness of the sociological perspective lies with its focus on social interaction 1-19-10 Sociological imagination= the ability to connect seemingly impersonal and remote historical forces to the most basic incidents of an individual’s life The sociological imagination enables people to distinguish between personal troubles and public issues Troubles vs. issues Troubles: personal problems and difficulties that can be explained in terms of individual characteristics such as motivation level, mood, personality, and ability Issues: matters that can be explained by factors outside an individual’s control and immediate environment Why can’t everyone be just like us? 4 major considerations 1. Structure of opportunities: a. The chances available in a society to achieve a valued goal
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2. Social relativity: a. Different cultures: i. The culture- ideas, beliefs, and behaviors vary according to time and place b. Social structures: i. Determines position, roles, and status in society 3. Transformative powers of history: a. The concept that most significant historical events have dramatic consequences on people’s opportunities and that sees events in the context of time and place 4. The nature of work a. The nature of interaction are shaped by the individual’s experience How to tell the differences from inequalities? Sociological imagination (sociological mindful) means that you be able to understand the terms differences and inequalities: Differences: examples cultural, racial, languages, etc Inequalities: social, economic, political, etc When difference between people or between groups benefits one person or one group-that becomes inequality Nature vs. social Nature Natural construction Gender differences Racial differences Biological make-up of human beings are natural No problem with natural differences Social Cultural construction Differences translated into inequality by society and the way it operates Biology used to construct social differences
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notes - SOC NOTES FOR EXAM 1 Sociology= study of human...

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