AE MWF 10 - The American Economy Temple University Course #...

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The American Economy Temple University Course # Econ 0858.002 Spring 2011 Class Time: MWF 10:00-10:50 Classroom: Speakman 212 Instructor: Dr. George C. Diemer Office Hours: Mondays and Wednesdays 11:00-12:30. I am also available upon request. Instructor Email: Office: Ritter Annex 806 Phone: (215) 204-1919 (x1919) Text: Guell, Robert C. Issues in Econoimcs Today, 5 th Edition. (Guell) Bonello, Frank. Lobo, Isobel, 2010, Taking Sides, 14 th Edition. (Taking Sides) Course Description: Should the federal government more forcefully engage health care issues, or are its current obligations a hidden time bomb facing the federal budget? Should we be concerned about the outsourcing of U.S. jobs? Is the minimum wage too low, or will increases in the minimum simply lead to greater unemployment? Students will engage these and other pressing issues write position papers advocating specific actions that governments or firms should take, and debate these recommendations. While economic theory is not the centerpiece of this course, students will learn enough economic theory to be able to discuss policy in an informed manner. They will also be introduced to important sources of "economic" information, from government web sites to major publications. The American Economy is a US Society Gen/Ed course. Grading: Attendance and Participation (15%), Three Position papers (a total of 40%), Midterm (20%), Final (25%). Notes on Exams: There will be a total of two exams (including the final). You should expect two sections in each exam: Multiple choice and essay. Make-up exams are permissible only with formal evidence of a legitimate excuse and it is YOUR
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AE MWF 10 - The American Economy Temple University Course #...

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