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The American Economy Dr. George Diemer Spring 2011 2 nd Position Paper (Due 3/23/11) You are to write up a 4 to 5 page position paper on one of the topics below. I expect typical font size, typical margins, no long winded rants, quotations kept to a minimum, etc… If you are unclear about this please see the writing center. Please submit one digital copy in the digital drop box and one paper copy in my hands during class. The digital copy will be used to run a plagiarism report, and if your paper is found to be plagiarized the best you can expect is to fail my class. Your grades will be a function of your economic reasoning in support of the economic position, regardless of what that position is. For more detail regarding your grading I direct you toward the Rubric. Your tone is that of an economic policymaker (e.g., the chair of the council of economic advisers or the president of a branch of the Federal Reserve System). You can structure your paper in any fashion you like, but overall I will be looking for certain
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Unformatted text preview: elements. For starters I would like to see an overview of the subject you have chosen. Spell out for the reader what the political issue is that is being debated. You are to give a brief discussion of the side which you disagree with. Finally you are to give your argument for the side you chose. Pulling up multiple reliable sources is critical in this paper as is the use of economic theory as is the use of real data (properly cited). Please find a way to use these in the discussion. The topic you may pick is: 1. Legalizing Marijuana: Pro: You are in favor of legalizing marijuana on a national level. Against: You recommend keeping marijuana illegal on a national level. 2. Public Employee Compensation Reform: Pro: You are in favor of changing some form of public employee compensation. Against: You want the public compensation packages to remain untouched....
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